Monday, 26 January 2009


I didn't do S.P.S or S.O.S because I was out all day saturday with my mates and mum decided to do a clean up on sunday. Anyway, I found inspiration for this photo before I new the word, I was recycling some empty loo rolls and thought they would be good to photograph and what do you know, the next word was discard!


  1. Ahh this is the reason you weren't ready for school on time then!!!! I didn't DECIDE to have a clean up your bedroom was such a tip that I had to make YOU have a clean up!! Finally I really do wish you would stop taking photographs of the toilet room!!!! I'll show you how to fine tune the editing tonight. Love U x

  2. Can't reply to this as I am too busy laughing at your mum's comment:)
    I can see these words on your report card
    "shows inituative"

  3. This made me laugh too! I have a house rule about this too! You can see that at my main blog
    Anyways that is a great shot!

  4. Your Mum brought your sheet around today, so you are all signed off and up to date, lol at your Mum's comments!!

  5. Brilliant idea for the prompt! Bet you left it there aswell and didnt put a new one on did you... thats a typical bloke thing that is ;o)

  6. LOL :-D Here for a catch up and laughing at your take, the text and all the comments . . . including your Mum's.

    Ok. Firstly, this, joking aside is a fantastic take on the prompt. I mean EVERYONE who has seen it can associate with it, even my dd Sarah, (14), burst out laughing when she saw the photo saying genius! Now that's repect Matt!! ;-D And not a 50 year old woman's comments :-D

    So. Excellent. Just excellent!


  7. It is a really great idea for discard lol

  8. Lol oh boy what a great shot!! totally relate to it though ;)

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