Thursday, 15 January 2009

The War of Facebook

As I was taking a picture of "Jolly" I noticed mum and kyle were sending indirect insults to each other through my cousin, Claire (don't ask me why). The really stupid thing was that they would tell each other what they had sent before Claire had time to forward it to the rightful receiver. I then took this photograph, shook my head and got back to doing "Jolly".


  1. Who is the adult in that house :)

  2. LOL! :-D

    I used to chat with Sarah on MSN . . . she was upstairs and I down. We could hear each other laughing . . . weird. I would even tell her when tea would be ready!

    Now, of course it's all Facebook and it is very uncool for me to have her for a friend . . . hey, I have my reputation to worry about not . . . forget hers! ;-D

    We don't have any shared friends either . . . I might then see what she writes on their walls etc!

    This is a fab shot of family life and makes a nice change to the posed ones that we generally take of our family and friends :-)


  3. P.S.

    Can you see the rule of rough thirds in your photo? Your Mum is in one, Kyle in the other and there is the space inbetween.

  4. What a great insight into life at your house!! Sue is absolutely right about the thirds - I had to go back up and take another look at the photo!

    Really hope that the weather clears up a bit for you tomorrow so you can take the camera out and about and get some shots at different lengths, and some more shots of people too.