Thursday, 15 January 2009


To most people this is just a sheep with a Mohawk, nothing out of the ordinary, but to me this of great sentimental value and it makes me jolly inside. It was a souvenir that I got from the Menai centre in Wales while on a school weekend science trip away there a year or so ago. Me and four of my friends decided to buy the first thing we found in there, within budget, and I ended up with a sheep wearing shades with a Mohawk doing the "point dance".


  1. Fantastic. I <3 sheep and have a few myself. xox

  2. Great shots Matt, looks like you're a natural at this. Well done!

  3. Well done - another great shot - nice angle & lighting

  4. You are putting us all to shame with your shots, great "Jolly"

  5. Jolly, I nearly passed over. Very hard to get past Santa in my head.

    Another great macro shot and story behind you choice here.

    BTW I mentioned to Mima, she suggested I mention it to you, now why didn't I think of that! So, I like the way your macro shots don't always focus in the same area. It's pretty much a natural instinct to have the foremost part of the image in focus and the rest blurry . . . mmm . . .that's what I normally do :-(!!!

    Doing well Matt :-)


    Anyway, thought it worth a mention :-)

  6. LOL at the story, and the shot works really well. We go past the Menai centre when we go to Trearddur!! I can remember going there on a school trip when I was younger as well.