Wednesday, 14 January 2009


I was quite pleased when I saw the word old. My great great uncle Lez's "money cup" was the first thing that came to mind. when I was younger I would go to my uncle Lez's and aunty Mary's house and while I was there I would count all his change and put it into piles and then I would put the twenty pence pieces into the cup. I also remember warming my but on their fire every time we went.


  1. We were pleased when we saw this word that you had not asked to take a photo of us!! Great photos, we are jealous!

  2. The money cup is very pretty, love the detail that you have managed to capture.

  3. Great angle here Matt and like the subtle tones.

    Have you considered changing any of your shots to black and white or sepia? This would look great as a sepia shot too :-)

    Once again a great reason behind your choice.

    TFS . . . Sue