Wednesday, 14 January 2009


I'm glad I got to this before my mum did. I was just looking around and I stumbled upon a Candle holder littered with hearts. By the way, thanks Mima for agreeing to sign me off for my
D of E. Much appreciated.


  1. Love the catchups. You have a really good eye for a photo. I don't think you'll have any problem passing this section of your D of E with flying colours

  2. I love the catchups too and agree with everything else Chris said. You've got a great eye and all of your photos are so sharp and crisp with wonderful DOF.

  3. I would pass you :) Fabulous catch up shots

  4. No probs about signing you off! I really love the fact that the blue light that you see through the candle holder is the same colour as the backgroud, really adds an extra dimension to the shot.

    I would guess that your Mum's photo tent (is that what it was called?!) will be arriving soon, can't wait to see what you can both manage with that!

  5. Great shot, the colours are fantastic and make a very feminine item seem so masculine. xox