Wednesday, 14 January 2009


I got this baseball while in Canada (the first time) from some guy who worked at the Toronto blue jays' stadium. my aunty Carolyn got into a conversation with him and ended up telling him that we were from England. The guy then went down to the diamond (pitch) and came back with two balls used by the blue jays and gave one to me and one to kyle.


  1. Really worn and weathered. Neat photo and a good story to back it up :-)

    I was curious what you would do for this prompt.

    Not sure what I will do :-( I don't play sport but my son plays basketball, so I guess that's what I'll do.

    Sue :-)

  2. Wow - great close up - love it!!

  3. Wonderful shot! I love that we can see the texture of the ball.

  4. I should imagine that they are much sought after in Toronto! Again a lovely close up shot. Did you think about trying to find a dark background for this shot, I wonder if it would have made the baseball stand out even more?