Thursday, 15 January 2009

Duke of Edinburgh

For those of you who want to know what the Duke of Edinburgh Award involves then look no further. Above is a photograph of my "pack", anyone wanting to do the D of E Award gets one of these after a one time payment of eleven pounds. It has all you need to successfully complete the scheme, it even includes a fifteen percent discount card for an outdoor activity store. The white booklets in the image are what you will need to ask your examiner to sign every time you do that activity, whether it be Skill, Physical recreation or Service. For my skill I chose photography, for my physical recreation I chose swimming and for my Service I chose Youth work. One of those activities will need to be done for at least six months, I chose photography, and the other two will need to be done for at least three months. There will also be a one off expedition which involves all of the applicants in the group to go on a six hours hike on a circular route, set up camp and make own meal, then do another six hour hike in the morning with absolutely no adult supervision what soever apart from a phone in case anything goes wrong. All of this is to achieve Bronze in the D of E (I don't want to know what Silver involves yet let alone Gold).


  1. Thanks Matt, nice to now exactly what you have to do. Are you doing this through school ?

  2. You have some cracking shots Matt, well done!

  3. I am with you! Forget about Silver and Gold for now!

    I would have liked Joshua, (16, year 11), to do this but he wasn't interested and you need to want to do otherwise there's no point. Sarah, (14, year 9), may be interested, though outdoor activity may be an issue here!

    Great shot. Very well laid out and balanced. Just the right amount of supporting text too :-)


    P.S. Mention chocolate cake to your Mum . . . ;-D See what she replies! Don't give her any hints other than, "Sue suggested that I mention chocolate cake to you".

  4. Thanks for the info Matt, it is great to know a bit more about it. Sue is right, you have made a really nice layout of the info pack & framed the shot very well.