Sunday, 25 January 2009


Yet again i have done a photo based on a gaming gadget. For those of you who can't tell what it is, shame on you, it is the tip of the neck of the guitar used in Guitar Hero (world tour). if you are unfamilliar with this title it is a game a bit like dance mat where you have to tap the right button at the right time to earn points through out a song. it also comes with a microphone for singing and a drum for drumming (obviously).


  1. Hi matt am impressed with the amount of photos - you are doing more than your mum!!! Well done!

  2. I knew this one, my nephew has it, he is the same age as you, trying to get a shot of it is not easy and finally when I manage to get it of him there is the hysterical laughing. Great idea for the prompt and nice DOF

  3. I really like that you haven't been worried about cropping it to a different ratio to suit the photo that you have taken.

  4. Nice dof :-)

    Although you wouldn't want all your photos to be the same, equally it's also good to photograph what you feel familiar with :-)

    No idea about GH here. We have Xbox . . . that's it . . . and that's good!

    Sue :-0